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10 Industries Hiring Big Time This Summer

The sun has got its hat on, the evenings are getting longer and there's a sense of optimism in the air. Yes, summer has arrived.

Of course, this means fun times ahead - but for many looking to change career, move up the ladder or begin their long and winding relationship with work, this summer may be blooming with opportunity. Well, if you're looking for work in certain industries anyway.

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Now according to a recent study carried out by Indeed, these are the 10 industries hiring the most this summer - so if you're looking for a new job, you might just be in luck...

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1. Education

2. Social/Recreational Service

3. Childcare

4. Administrative

5. Sales

6. Hospitality

7. Management

8. Protective

9. Food

10. Medical Nurse

So, it seems this summer the educational sector is thriving, closely followed by social jobs and childcare. This list covers a broad spectrum of industries and roles - and if you're thinking about embarking on a job hunt, now may well be the best time to start.

In the workplace, 85% of current jobs and 90% of new jobs require some or more college or post-secondary education...

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