Our Big Prediction for AI in the Workplace

"Artificial intelligence is growing up fast, as are robots whose facial expressions can elicit empathy and make your mirror neurons quiver." - Diane Ackerman

We are living in exciting times.

The rise of robotics is upon us, and before long, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will become the norm, changing the way we both work and live drastically.

According to a study from the International Bar Association, developments in artificial intelligence (AI), as well as robotics, could make governments legislate for quotas of human workers, turning traditional working practices upside down. It could also create dilemmas for insuring driverless cars. But, despite these worries, AI may just enhance our personal and professional lives.

But of course, at Go Billions, we're all about work (although we do like to play too) which is why we want to let you, the young ambitious go-getter, know how AI might affect you in the workplace.

Hold onto your hats because we're going to tell you our big prediction for AI in the workplace for this year and beyond...

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AI will create new roles

The aforementioned report from the International Bar Association suggests that a third of graduate level jobs around the world could eventually be replaced by machines or software. We think this is a little 'glass half empty'. The prominence of AI in the workplace could serve to create new job roles and employment opportunities for workers across the globe.

Applied AI (AAI) is the tech that we often see in machine learning and predictive analytics. Rather than attempting to perform a host of human cognitive abilities, AAI driven developments are very specialised. 

Imagine this applied to the workplace.

For startups, in particular, AI technology will give you the power to not only automate certain elements of your daily duties, but it will also give you the ability to login into your workload anywhere in the on the planet as if you were there in person. The possibilities are endless.

So when you think about it, as AI continues to develop and get rolled out in workplaces the world over, and bots are programmed to automate certain repetitive tasks, it will free you and your colleagues up to collaborate, forge business bonds, plan, create and acquire new knowledge. This, in turn, will build more roles and opportunities.

Workers will no longer be tied to a single desk or workstation; they'll be given the freedom to get out there and take charge of their professional lives. A new class of professional will be born, a professional like you.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

AI will improve language learning

One of the next big developments AI researchers are turning their attentions to is language.

The plan is that techniques that have produced formidable progress in voice and image recognition could also help computers transpose and generate language more efficiently.

This notion is long-standing within the realms of artificial intelligence, and the prospect of computers communicating, and improved language understanding would make machines all the more useful. But while the challenge is a huge, given the complexity, subtlety, and power of language, it is on the cusp of being achieved.

Not only will this help you expand your professional reach overseas, but help you fo your job more efficiently and as a human learner, pick up a new language, aiding your career and life prospects ten-fold.

Artificial intelligence is coming thick and fast. It will change the face we communicate, do business and see the world. But don't be scared - embrace AI and you have everything to gain.

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