National Techies Day

4 Essential Gadgets That Will Seriously Your Working Life

In case you didn't already know, yesterday was National Techies Day (#NationalTechiesDay).

Back in 1999, it was forecast that 60% of new jobs would require advanced technology skills that Americans didn’t possess. As a way of encouraging youngsters to engage with technology and bridge the digital skills gap, National Techies Day was invented - and this year it was more popular than ever.

To celebrate the lighter side of National Techies Day, here are four fun gizmos and gadgets that will seriously enhance your working life...

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Bendi Light-Up Waterproof Keyboard

Not only does the Bendi prevent those pesky biscuit and sandwich crumbs from getting stuck between your keys, it's also almost 100% quieter than your average keyboard.

Of course, it's not called the Bendi for no reason. This flexible keyboard can roll up and fit in your bag or pocket, so it's perfect for remote working  - oh, and in the dark, it glows an eye pleasing electric blue. Pretty cool.

Babble Voice Privacy System

Often, it's hard to get any privacy in a busy office or workstation. Using patented voice processing technology, the Babble will obscure every word you say from an eavesdropper in a coffee shop or a co-worker a mere three feet away, allowing your conversation to remain private.

People in all sectors have used the Babble and they swear by it. No longer will you have to worry about giving away big business secrets or vital company information - all anyone listening in will hear is nonsense.

Levitron Globe World Stage

Sometimes it's less about function and more about adding a personal touch to your workstation - after all, that's what will help you to stay motivated during those busy days.

The Levitron world stage is a technological marvel that sits on your desk and allows you to float inanimate objects like a globe and watch them hover in mid-air, somehow. Yes, it's quite hard to believe and it looks incredible. Not only will it make you question exactly how it works, but its calming effects will chill you out when the going gets tough.

Mobile Desk

Working on the go allows you the freedom and flexibility to earn and learn while moving from A to B, to C. As great as they are, coffee shops and hotel rooms don't always offer the work set up you need for maximum productivity.

Luckily, the Mobile Desk exists. This cool piece of kit is ergonomic and folds out into a compact seat and worktop which will allow you to set up shop pretty much anywhere, or simply glide around your workplace without leaving your laptop or documents behind.

Will you be buying any of these work-based gadgets and gizmos? If you would like to set up a home office you will actually work, check out our handy guide.

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