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5 Essential Apps for the Budding Freelancer

Let's face it, in today's fast-paced, cutthroat world, time is money - and when you're a freelancer, keeping on top of your affairs is essential.

Of course, when you have a million things to juggle at any one time, that's easier said than done - but in this day and age, we have mobile technology on our side.

If you're a budding freelancer and wondering where to start, here are 5 essential apps that will help you with your everyday working life.


You've probably already heard of this - and for good reason too. If you're a freelancer, this all-in-one organisational app not only comes complete with an interactive notepad, but you can set yourself reminders, compose themed to do lists (it's very satisfying ticking things off) and collaborative tools that you can use on the go. You'll never forget to send an email or put together a proposal ever again.


Whether you're a freelance writer, graphic designer, illustrator, stock broker - or anything else for that matter - chances are you're going to need to use the internet on a daily basis. As essential as the World Wide Web is to any freelancer, it can provide a colossal distraction when you're trying to knuckle down and stay productive - that's where Freedom comes in. This savvy app locks your computer, as well as your phone, off the net for as long as you command it to, meaning you won't be tempted to check-in on Facebook or play Pokemon Go while trying to do your job.

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Freelancer apps


For most freelancers, producing piles of work and finishing complex projects is the easy part; it's the financial stuff that puts them in a spin. With Harvest, you can track your earnings, generate invoices (and keep on top of them), log your hours and set budgets both on your mobile device and desktop. Its user interface is intuitive and eye-pleasing and if numbers make you anxious, never fear because Harvest will do all of the tough calculations for you - meaning you can focus on the creative stuff.


For freelancers who carry out tonnes of research or mainly deal in words, Scrivener is a piece of writing software that is sure to simplify matters no end. Scrivener does everything a regular word processor can do but it's packed with extra functionality and not only can you house all of your assets into one file, but you can split the screen to have your source material on one side and your draft on the other - so no more scrolling between tabs.


With so many things to remember each and every day, a freelancer's brain is susceptible to getting more clogged than a sasquatches' shower plug. It's almost impossible to remember every detail of every professional conversation you've had during a working week, which is why documenting them is so crucial. TapeACall is voted number 1 business app in 35 countries and allows you to record and store dictations with ease, as well as record important phone conversations, before exporting them to DropBox (or something similar) for playback.

The life of a freelancer is challenging and demanding, but with a little hard work, perseverance and fine tuning, the rewards are endless. Try out these apps and your business will be back on track in no time.

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