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Tip Top Financial Hacks from Go Billions

Managing your personal finances, budgeting for a big business project, or saving for a big asset like a home isn't the easiest venture.

While there may be no magic one size fits all formula for personal financial success, there are certain things you can do to help yourself - and your wallet - and they're called financial hacks.

These little tips have the potential to make a big difference, and without further ado, here are our top five...

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Legitimately change your job title when applying for car insurance and potentially save hundreds of dollars. This tool will help you.


If you've bought records or CDs via Amazon dating back to 1999, use Amazon Music Reclaim to get Mp3 versions free of charge.


Make a grocery list to streamline your purchases and use a coupon finding tool to reduce costs and find deals.


Switch light bulbs from incandescents to LEDs and save up to 20% on your annual energy bill.


Check your car manual and inflate your tyres to the correct air pressure each month. By doing this regularly you'll save wear and tear on the wheels and in turn, avoid having to fork out for new wheel or tyre sets on a regular basis.


Delete your credit or debit card number from your favourite shopping sites to avoid impulse purchasing.


Learn to cook cheap healthy meals from scratch by adding these items to your grocery list.


If you're a couple or have kids at home, set up a monthly budget meeting to make sure you're all on track and on course to meet your goals. Here you can share ideas and voice any wallet-centric concerns.


Follow our personal finance guide and get your financial affairs in shape.


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