5 Top Paying Dividend Stocks in 2015

Stock market investors earn money in two ways. One way is through the appreciation in stock prices, while the other, more stable way is through dividend yields. Investing in stocks is a great way to boost your personal finance.

Here we have compiled the 5 top paying dividend stocks that gave above average yields to the investors in 2015.

1. Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund

Nuveen Core Equity Alpha Fund was one the highest paying stocks this year with the dividend yield of 49.72%. Nuveen was established by Nuveen Investments Inc. and is co-managed by different financial institutions such as Nuveen Asset Management LLC, Nuveen Fund Advisors LLC, and INTECH Investment Management. The company deals with closed ended equity mutual funds. Price per stock of the company at the moment stands at $14.94.

2. Atlas Resource Partners, L.P.

Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. provided above average dividend yields this year. Currently, the dividend yield of the oil and gas company is 45.44%. The best thing for stock investors is that the price per stock is just $3 at the moment. This presents a great opportunity to young investors as the stock price of the energy company may rise higher when the oil prices begin to climb again in the next few years.

3. Memorial Production Partners LP

Memorial Production Partners LP is another company with high dividend yield at present. Memorial Production has their roots in oil and gas development, acquisition, and production. Despite low oil prices, the Texas based company offered high yields to the investors. At present, the company owns proven reserves of about 1,454 billion cubic feet of natural gas equivalent. The company also owns crude oil assets located in various cities such as Colorado, Wyoming, Louisiana, Texas and others.

The current stock price of the company is just $5.8 per share while the current dividend yields of the company stands at 39.43%.

4. SandRidge Permian Trust

SandRidge Permian Trust offered dividend yields of 38.51% to the investors. Established in 2011, the company possesses royalty interests in oil and gas assets located in the Permian Basin. High dividend yields of the stocks certainly make this company an attractive investment deal. The stock price of the energy company stands at just $4.51 per share that provides great opportunity to the investors.

5. Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan

Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan (NYSE:POT) stocks also offered above average yields to the investors this year, as recent dividend yields amounted to 7%. Despite high dividend payout, the stock price of the company has fallen as compared to past year. This offers a great bargain opportunity to the investors as they can buy the stocks at lower prices at this point.

On a final note, you must remember to research deeply before putting money in the stocks. Successful stock market investment requires making wise decisions about where you invest your money. Investing in top paying dividend stocks listed above will pay back handsomely in the form of stock price appreciation and high dividend payouts.

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