World's weirdest currencies

4 of The World's Weirdest Currencies

As we all know, to some extent, money makes the world go round.

As far back as anyone can remember, currency has been used to stabilise economies, encourage growth - and in some cases, keep people out of trouble.

That said, aside from dollars and other conventional forms of cash money, there have been some truly weird and wonderful currencies in this world - and we're going to look at four of them right now...

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Rai Stone

Some currencies come bigger than others. The Rai Stone, a circular limestone with a hole in the middle (a bit like an inedible doughnut), wouldn't fit into a modest wallet or purse - no, these pieces of currency were pretty big, to say the least.

Found on the island of Yap in Micronesia, Rai Stones were used locally as monstrous coins. These coins were between five to 20 feet in diame r, and their value was dependant on size and weight, in addition to the difficulty of transporting them. Historically, the the value of the Rai Stone was also affected by the stones particular background, with elements including the number of people killed or injured while transporting them changing how much each unit is worth.

Manchukuo Yuan

The Manchukuo Yuan was used by the Japanese Imperial forces during their occupation of Manchuria. This currency (one fen and five fen coins) was crafted from red or brown cardboard between the years of 1944 and 1945 due to a severe lack of metal which, of course, was being used to facilitate the war.

What's interesting about the Yuan is it is possibly one of the most striking currencies the world has even seen - despite its somewhat worn look, these coins really stand out from the crowd.

Hungarian 100 Million Billion Dollar Bill

Imagine being a cashier and having to give the change our for one of these bad boys - we think it would take a steady hand and a good few hours of your time.

So, why such a huge denomination? Well, the extreme inflation of 1946 Hungary led to the creation of this bill which to our knowledge is still the highest monetary denomination ever made. The 100 million, billion Pengo may have been an unfathomable denomination locally, but at the time it was actually worth a mere 20 American pennies.

Katanga Cross

Like the Rai Stone, this particular currency wasn't exactly user-friendly, no sir.

In what was once was the Katanga region of The Democratic Republic of the Congo, copper currencies called Katanga crosses were used as a catalyst for wealth and trading for a short period. The crosses weighed in at between a half a pound to 2.5 pounds - pretty hefty for something was supposed to be money.

No matter what money you deal in, it's amazing to think how enduring the concept currency is and just how much variety there is in our world. Looking for more money-based trivia? Check out these things you probably didn't know about Forex.

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