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7 Brilliant Facts About Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a billionaire - that's no secret.

As one of the world's most prolific entrepreneurs, we thought it would only be right for Go Billions to talk about him a little.

We know you're on your way to supreme financial success and to help give you the drive to get there faster, here are seven things you probably didn't know about Bill Gates.

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1. Okay, we know Bill Gates is loaded, but did you know he's the richest man in the world?

2. When Bill was young, his teachers got wind of his coding abilities and asked him to write the school's computer programme. Gates tampered with the code so he ended up in classes with a disproportionate number of girls .

3. As a teenager, Bill Gates read the entire World Book of Encylopedia from start to finish.

4. Gates was a college dropout. He stayed at Harvard for a short while, then left to dedicate his time to Microsoft. Good move Bill.

5. A couple of years after leaving Harvard, Bill was arrested in New Mexico for running a red light and driving without a licence.

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6. Bill Gates frequently travels by plane, but rarely on a passenger airline. Instead, he cruises the air in his private jet called 'Big Splurge.'

7. Gates often quips that is Microsoft went sour, he would have been a researcher for artificial intelligence.

It's safe to say that Bill Gates is a pretty amazing guy. For more incredible insights about self-made entrepreneurs, check out the fried chicken inspired rags to riches tale of Mr Colonel Sanders.

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