7 Things You Didn't Know About Creativity

This week we're on a creative tip and for any of you readers working on a creative project, or budding entrepreneurs with an imaginative brain, these seven facts might just give you a glimpse into your inner workings.

So, stop what you're doing, scroll down and prepare to have your mind blown (hopefully not too much, you'll still need to function afterwards)...

1.  Stress negatively impacts creative expression, especially when it involves rigid time frames and strict criteria.

2. Creative people are more observant by nature and love to people watch. Proust often people watched and his observations were often documented in his books.

3. Every time the brain is asked to revive memory, it creates lots of new connections within the mind. The older the memory, the more the connections are formed.

4. Creative types are able to connect the dots more easily and see things in the mundane more naturally. That's why writers, artists, musicians, and filmmakers, for example, are able to create such complex worlds.

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5. According to a study carried out by Brandeis University, creative writing students confirmed a dive in their motivation and thoughts regarding their work when receiving rewards for their efforts. It seems that many creatives lose motivation when being able to visualise the payoff for their efforts.

6. Creativity is about constant persistence. To create things, the mind must continually challenge itself and make connections between ideas. The more active your brain becomes, the more likely you are to have good ideas.

7. Everyone is creative. Sure, some people see themselves as creative, and some are more tuned into a free-thinking wavelength, but at heart, our brains all have the power to conjure up inspiring ideas. We just have to train our minds to make it happen.

We hope this has offered you the inspiration you need to keep chipping away at your creative goals. For more mind-blowing facts, check out these things you probably didn't know about money.

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