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7 Things You Didn't Know About Howlin' Wolf

The idea of 'Spoonful' was that it doesn't take a large quantity of anything to be good. If you have a little money when you need it, you're right there in the right spot, that'll buy you a whole lot.

You might be wondering what Howlin' Wolf has to do with finances. Well, sometimes success, recognition, and ultimately, monetary health comes from pride, passion, perseverance and the ability to pioneer.

Howlin' Wolf had bagfuls of these qualities and as a result wrote and performed some of the greatest blues arrangements ever heard by the human ear. He did a whole lot more outside music too.

It doesn't matter what you're trying to achieve or which industry you operate in, Howlin' Wolf serves as a shining example of grit, determination, talent, and passionate translating to real success.

To inspire you on this fine day, here are seven things you may not know about Howlin' Wolf...

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1. Holwin' Wolf spent two-and-a-half years serving in the US Army. For part of that time, he was assigned to the 9th Cavalry Regiment, famed for being one of the units dubbed, the Buffalo Soldiers.

2. Outside his military service, Wolf spent most of his early days as a farmer, both in Mississippi and Arkansas. But, growing up in the Delta at that time gave him access to the blues masters of the area; legends including Robert Johnson and Sonny Boy Williamson II.

3. Ike Turner, then an A&R man for RPM Records, produced the first two Howlin’ Wolf records and served as his piano player. He used the recordings to secure a contract with Sam Phillips at the iconic Sun Records in Memphis.

4. Howlin’ Wolf was functionally illiterate until well into his 40s, but eventually, gained his GED and continued in school, studying business and accounting alongside his musical responsibilities.

5. Much loved by his band members for his business practices, Wolf paid his people a decent salary, on time, withholding unemployment insurance and even Social Security. Wolf also offered his fellow band mates health insurance benefits.

6. Ever the family man and community pillar, Howlin' Wolf volunteered with his local fire department.

7. In 1972, Wolf's contributions were academically recognised when received an honorary doctor of arts degree from Columbia College in Chicago.

A true gent, legend, and professional both on and off the stage and an inspiration to budding pioneers everywhere. Keep an eye out for more from our #BeaPioneer series.

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