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7 Things You Didn't Know About Wall Street

Whether you're a Wall Street insider or not, there's no doubt that this financial icon has had a profound effect on the US economy over the years. But what do you know about it?

Read these seven amazing facts about Wall Street and you'll know a whole lot more...

1. If you invested $1,000 with Warren Buffett back in 1956, you would have over $300 million today.

2. During a poll, 1,000 investors were asked whether the S&P 500 was up or down during 2009. 66 percent thought it was down in 2009. In reality, it was up 26.5% in 2009. That's got to be embarrassing.

3. Wall Street accounts for around 35 percent of total New York City earnings.

4. Wall Street was originally called "de Waal Straat", named by the Dutch when New York was a Dutch settlement called New Amsterdam.

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5. The video for Rage of the Machine's "Sleep Now into the Fire" was filmed in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The doors of the stock exchange were locked to stop the band from entering the building and disrupting trading that was going on inside.

6. Trading in Wall Street starts at 9.30am every morning when the opening bell is rung at the New York Stock Exchange. The closing bell is rung at 4pm to mark the end of trading. More often than not, the bell is rung by somebody famous or important.

7. It's a common misconception that the Wall Street crash caused hundreds of traders to take their own lives. Between Black Thursday and the end of 1929, there were over 100 suicide attempts in the city, four of which were linked with Wall Street. 

Pretty mind-blowing stuff wouldn't you agree? To find out more about trading, browse our Markets section.

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