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7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Money

Money, money, money.

Whether you deal in dollars, pounds, yen, ringgit, Euros, or anything else for that matter, money is something that we all need to some extent.

This publication focuses on helping giving young go-getters like yourself the tools to make money and find the success you deserve.

That said, we thought it would only be right to offer you some currency-based facts. Without further ado, here are seven things you probably didn't know about money...

1. US paper money isn't actually made out of paper, it's made from cloth. Back in Ben Franklin's day, people used to mend torn notes with a needle and thread.

2. The blue ribbon woven through the new hundred dollar bill contains thousands of microlenses that make the Liberty Bell look like it's dancing.

3. Pennies buried in a garden will repel slugs. Why? Because slugs get electric shocks when they touch copper and zinc.

4. Counterfeit dollars can sometimes be too good. Fakes are often detected because they are better-made than real notes.

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5. Gambling generates more revenue each year than films, spectator sports, theme parks, cruise ships, and recorded music combined. Mind blowing.

6. More Monopoly money is printed than real cash each year. In fact, the internationally popular board game prints up to $50 billion of its currency every 12 months.

7. A mere eight percent of the world’s currency is actual physical money. The rest is digital money that lives only on computers.

There you have it: seven amazing facts about money. For more inspirational trivia, check out the seven things you probably didn't know about Wall Street.

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