Break Through The Market: Media Exposure Tips For Your Business From Richard Branson

Getting exposure for your startup is an essential aspect to let your potential customers know about your brand. Exposure and word of mouth attracts people and their familiarity with a particular brand will boost brand recognition and induce them to go for that product/brand.

In today’s world people are flooded with information. This information overload makes people very selective to what they pay attention to. Therefore, gaining attention of potential customers requires some tricks as Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group mentions:

Try to be on the front pages of newspapers:

Coming up with innovative ideas, stories and funny yet meaningful ads help to be on the front pages of newspapers and attract attention.

Interact with you customers:

Frequent Posting of photos of your products, posting awesome stuffs allows people to stay updated with your products/services. You can use social networking platforms as a handy tool in this regard. Besides, you can be present physically to sample your product.

Have great ideas and stories and share them:

“The key to getting great exposure is having a great idea and a great story and getting people to write about it. Nowadays social media is the best way to do this”- says Sir Brian Souter, founder of Stagecoach. You would want someone to get a key message about you by reading a story. The story may be of launching a new product, funding from well known investors, growing rapidly. But the job is not over after making stories. Sharing is important. You can share on social media channels. If you have email list, you can send emails to potential customers to let them know about your activities.

Getting media exposure is a great way to create brand familiarity, attract new users and recruit great people for you. Follow these tricks and spend time planning to get long term dividends.

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