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How to Build a Solid Company Culture (VIDEO)

These days, it's not enough to dangle a great remuneration and benefits package in front of a young, ambitious and talented potential employee, you also have to make sure your company is something people can invest in personally.

That said, the best way to achieve such a feat is by cultivating a strong company culture. In fact, a recent study from Columbia University shows that the likelihood of job turnover at an organization with a strong company culture is a mere 13.9%, whereas the probability of job turnover in a company with a poor culture stands at 48.4% percent. That's a huge difference.

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So, if you've just found yourself in a senior position at your workplace and you're now responsible for a big team or you're the founder of an innovative new startup, here is how to build a strong company culture from the ground up courtesy of Kelly Nishimoto...

There you have it, top tips on getting your company culture right from the very start. For more pearls of business wisdom, check out these tips from Warren Buffett on getting into the investment mindset.

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