Business as Usual

“I dress for the “image”. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.” Henry David Thoreau could not have said this any better to represent where we were in life. As individuals, seeing ourselves as such required standing out from the crowd a bit more. We came together with the intention not only to make money but to satisfy our desires to stand out and be creative among the typical. Putting the business together was simple, or at least that is what we believed it to be. Consisting of two or more people who we will not name, the group put together a foundation for a clothing business.
We had a designer after zeroing in on the type of clothing we would create. We settled on starting an urban street wear brand, and let things play out, so that one day we could create all types of menswear. We created a logo, one that detailed exactly how we felt the business represented. We even had a manufacturer, one that was found through mutual friends, who was willing to help us in our progress. All the necessary elements that we believed would work so that we can attain profit. But then things took a negative turn, for at least the time being….

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