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Finding Pockets of Time is the Key to Your Success

We've all been there: feeling so overwhelmed by everything we have to achieve in the space of a day, that we end up in a lethargic state as a way of coping. I like to call this the ostrich stance - and although the term includes the word 'rich' within it, burying your head in the sand won't gain you wealth.

So what do you do to manage such a hectic schedule? Well, first you're going to need to get organized. You can do this by taking advantage of the many amazing apps now available on Android and IOS. Or you can write out daily lists of everything you need to accomplish before scribing them down into your calendar in order of priority (the old school way). Basically, you should do whatever works for you.

Once you've established a schedule and you've found time to arrange it at the start of each week, you'll begin to feel your productivity rate rise - you'll almost feel it in your bones.

It's all well and good putting in your hours at work, doing your chores, managing your finances and penciling in that drink in with your pal, but if you are looking to launch a successful business, study, write a novel, or anything remotely similar - you're going to need to slot extra space into the mix somewhere.

That's where the pockets of time come in...

What? You might be asking yourself what that means exactly. It's simple: sit down and look at your calendar. Now look closer. Think about the times you are stationary with nothing to do: sitting on a bus or subway to work and back, waiting for your laundry to dry, your lunch breaks, or the times when you watch repeats of your favorite Netflix box set (every single week). These are the small but consistent pockets of time that will allow you to take care of your daily business while working towards your ultimate goals and dreams.

Once you've taken a good old gaze through the looking glass, sit down and create a sub-schedule alongside your main one, and identify those regular pockets of time. Write down daily or weekly milestones you would like to achieve within each of those time pockets - even if it only amounts to three hours per week, it's 180 minutes closer to accomplishing your mission.

Each time you complete a milestone, you will feel more motivated in every area of your life and at a certain point, you'll be firing on all cylinders; it will all have started from identifying those all-important pockets of time.


Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.― Anthony G. Oettinger

Just a little pearl of wisdom to get you through the day!

Using time pockets works and by taking the time to identify them, you will start to see results in a matter of weeks.

Have you tried using time pockets to your advantage? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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