Nurture creativity

How to Nurture Your Creativity for Mind-Blowing Results

Whether you're a musician, an artist, a writer, or budding entrepreneur, the ability to create and conjure up great ideas is part of your lifeblood.

That said, a creative block can be a nightmare as it has the potential to seriously stunt your career. So, to keep those creative cogs turning, you must nurture the free-thinking part of your mind to make sure those award-winning, money-making ideas keep on flowing.

Not sure how? Don't sweat it, we'll tell you how...

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Creative moments stem from connecting things

Some of the world's most iconic and let's say lucrative creative breakthroughs have come from logically connecting things.

What do we mean? Well, think luggage and wheels or frames and lenses: these items were married together to create an innovation that solved a common problem. Bingo - those guys ended up raking it in too.

To make sure you are capable of connecting separate elements (and this applies to those making art, composing music and writing prose), you need a supple longterm memory.

The best way to keep your longterm memory strong and supple you should set aside around 20 minutes most days to train your brain. There are several proven ways to train your longterm memory for success, and here are six that you should try.

Now, where were we...

Knowledge is creative power

The more you know, the more dots you have to connect.

Consider this for a moment... If it weren’t for Alexander Fleming’s prior experience in dealing with infected battle wounds, he might not have understood the importance of the mould that accidentally formed in his bacterial samples, and he may well have never discovered a little something called Penacilin.

Basically, what we're saying is: find out everything there is to know in your field or niche, keep reading over it until it's ingrained deep in your mind and in the end, you'll increase your chances of conjuring a host of incredible ideas on a regular basis.

But, don't forget...

Creation is a marathon, not a race

The majority of people, when attempting to reach a creative solution, try to get there with haste. Now, because you have to connect dots to give birth to creative insights, and as you have to gain knowledge that sticks to your long-term memory to connect things, the best (and most potent) creative breakthroughs take time.

When trying to achieve a creative breakthrough aggressively you only serve to grind yourself down - and this is why you get inspired to write a novel, develop a business idea or write a song, and then get frustrated with the immediate results before and giving up altogether. You're trying to climb an impossible mountain, and you will not win.

So what can you do to take it slow?

  • Take the time to experience things, whether it's going for a walk somewhere new, attending an exhibition or taking a city break. Your new experiences will give you fuel for the creative engine.
  • Hit the books and talk to experts to explore wider areas of your field or subject matter in more detail. Gather more information and eventually, you'll have all you need to create, create, create.
  • Spend a small amount of time every day either brainstorming ideas, free writing, improvising, or painting/building things that spring to mind. These regular creative habits will keep your mind and body in the right zone - and you never know, the next great idea might smack you in the face when you least expect it.

If you keep your mind active, keep on learning and keep on keeping on at a steady pace, there's no doubt about it, you'll win the race, oh yes, you'll win the race.

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