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Icelandic Women Walked Out of Work at 2.38pm to Protest Gender Wage Gap

The world of work can be stressful, volatile, and sometimes downright unfair. Sometimes, to make a change you have to take action, much like these Icelandic women did.

Three days ago, thousands of Icelandic female workers turned off their workstations and walked out of their offices to protest the country's 18% gender wage gap. As the rate of pay between men and women is quite significant, women in Iceland feel that they're effectively working the afternoons unpaid.

Why 2.38pm you may ask? Well, because if the way was 18% shorter that would be the time women would be allowed to leave work.

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Speaking to the UK's Channel 4 News, one activist said, "No woman chooses to be oppressed, no woman chooses to get paid less than men."

The walk-out coincided with the 41st anniversary of Iceland's famous Women's Day Off when 90% of women in Iceland stopped working—at home and on the job—to raise awareness of the role a woman's work plays in society.

Economists predict that the gender wage gap in Iceland will take around 50 years to close by its own accord, but hopefully, this mass protest and others like this will help accelerate matters in the not so distant future.

What are your thoughts on the gender wage gap both in your country and in general? Let us know by leaving a comment or Tweeting us and get the conversation going.

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