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The Incredible Social Rise of Salt Bae

"Social media is about the people, not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide for you." - Matt Goulart

The legend of  Salt Bae is social media story for the ages.

If you don't already know Salt Bae, you will do soon. The story of Salt Bae illustrates the unrivalled power of social media and it's potency (when done right, of course).

But before we delve any deeper, consider this...

In this day and age, it's tough to find someone you know who doesn't own at least one social media account. In fact, 90% of young adults aged 18 to 29 use social media (compared to just 35% of those over 65 years old). What's more, a third of millennials say social media is their channel of choice when communicating with businesses.

A compelling social media campaign can engage, inspire, improve conversions and boost brand awareness. In short, it's good for your business and in turn, good for your wallet.

So, back to Mr Salt Bae...

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Everybody loves food in some capacity - and if you're a meat eater,  you're probably a fan of grilled meats.

Looking to expand his culinary empire, the owner of a now thriving chain of Turkish steak houses, chef and Nusret Gökçe (Salt Bae) went viral with his simple 'Salt Bae' campaign

By showing off his superior ability for salting and slicing meat with a meme-style video shot at one of his restaurants in Abu Dhabi and posting it to his Instagram page with the hashtag #saltbae, the quirky chef grabbed more than 2.4 million views and 8,700 comments in a matter of 48 hours.

To date, Nusret has an excess of five million Instagram followers and his posts gain around 200 thousand likes on average - not bad at all.

Salt Bae

By choosing Instagram, a mostly visual social media platform to first launch his idea, Nusret gained traction in a fast and furious fashion, earning him viral success, almost in an instant.

As a result of this well-placed Instagram-centric effort, Salt Bae is in the process of opening up his first London restaurant due to soaring public demand - a true sign of success - and it's all thanks to the chef's amazing social media campaign.

The chef's cheap and cheerful social media drive turned heads in an instant and it just goes to show that by focusing on the creative process rather than big budget assets, you can enjoy mass social media success by spending very little. Maximum ROI!

Oh, and incase you missed it, here' the meme...

It's plain to see that social media is still an integral part of money-making success. Brush up on your social media skills and you'll be soaring to new and dizzying heights in no time. For another tale of supreme culinary success, check out the tasty tale of Action Bronson.

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