Influential Twitter Accounts

Influential Twitter Accounts For Budding Entrepreneurs

Despite many new social platforms taking up their share of the spotlight in recent times, Twitter is still without a doubt one of the best places for networking, information, real-time news, development, and growth for the budding entrepreneur - especially if you follow the right feeds.

If you're looking to build your business empire and you need a helping hand, perhaps these influential Twitter accounts will do the trick...

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Run by female founders Garnett Newcombe and Kay Woods, CEO Real Talk is the resource for small businesses and startups, especially those looking to maximise growth.


Cindy currently serves as the vice president of small to midsize businesses at Microsoft, and she has plenty of insights to share. She shares a broad range of content with her dedicated fanbase, most of which is well worth taking note of.


Michelle Glover has over 60,000 followers on Twitter, and for good reason. As the founder of two companies, Michelle's feed is full of inspirational insights and practical tips to help the modern woman grow her business, one leaf at a time.


A prolific writer and investor, Matthew Toren knows a thing or two about building a business empire. Follow his feed and benefit from a whole host of priceless knowledge, all geared towards the success of the young and budding entrepreneur.

There are so many exceptional Twitter accounts out there but these four are sure to help you along the road to success. Take heed of these pearls of wisdom and build a brighter future. For more social insights, here is how executives use social media.

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