Las Vegas

Las Vegas Tourism Revenue [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tourism is one of the biggest economy boosters in the world.

In fact, tourism contributes to a whopping $7.61 trillion a year to economies worldwide.

Now, here in the United States, the bright lights of Las Vegas - or Sin City as it's also known - is one of the biggest and most exciting tourist hubs imaginable. People just can't get enough of those extravagant casinos, mindblowing shows and all you can eat buffets.

Las Vegas is, and always has, offered a wealth of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs looking to make their mark - and if you're hoping to do the same, this infographic will get you in the mood for success.

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Las Vegas Revenue

Wow, Las Vegas is one colossal money-making machine - and like it or not, for those who play their cards right, there's absolutely everything to gain. Let us know about your Las Vegas adventures by leaving a comment below.

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