Money Matters Action Bronson

Money Matters: The Tasty Tale of Action Bronson

Action Bronson has a big appetite for food and music.

Born and raised in Flushing, Queens, Bronson, or Arian Asllan as he was then known, was a young kid when a pirate copy of the Wu-Tang Clan album '36 Chambers' was loaded onto the tape deck at a friend's sleepover party. From then, Bronson's love for hip hop shaped his life, and he began experimenting with words, hooks, and melodies.

But before launching a notable rap career, a young Mr Bronson placed his efforts into his love for good food. Before graduating, Bronson dropped out of Bayside High School and started working as a cook at his father's Mediterranean restaurant.

It wasn't long before Bronson's culinary career progressed and he attended Art Institute of New York City's culinary program, refining his cooking skills. The young chef thrived, and after graduating from the program, he became fully-fledged Big Apple chef, working hard and making a living from cooking top notch cuisine.

Eventually, his friends encouraged Bronson to pursue his rapping talents more, and he ended up forming the rap squad  The Outdoorsmen with Meyhem Lauren, and A.G. Da Coroner and Jay Steele.

Action Bronson and his group performed at venues all over the city and he started releasing self-produced mixtapes which picked up a slow but steady level of local success.

Eventually, Bronson started turning heads and pricking up ears on the web and he was prompted by beat juggernaut Statik Selektah to reach out to him on Twitter.

In 2011, Bronson released his first studio album, 'Dr Lecter' and his fan base increased rapidly. Since then, through collaborations and building relationships with top producers, Action Bronson's success has skyrocketed - he's even worked with his idol Ghostface and featured on a Mark Ronson track.

His net worth is $4 million. Not bad at all.

Things you didn't know about Action Bronson

  • Action Bronson has two children named Elijah and Hannah. He prefers not showing off or talking about his kids in public out of respect for their privacy. However, he does have their names tattooed on his chest, and he raps about them on his tune '5 Minute Beats 1 Take Raps.'
  • Although Action likes making wings and other fried foods in the kitchen, he prefers to keep a healthier diet per his doctor’s orders. The rapper now eats healthier foods like ginger shots and wheat grass.
  • Action Bronson’s relationship culinary roots inspires his lyrics. Food references include Prosciutto (‘Cocoa Butter’ from Well Done), Biscuit (‘The Madness’ from Dr Lecter) and Salami (‘Ron Simmons’ from Blue Chips).

Action Bronson quotes

I'm naturally a nice person. I'm not trying to have any problems with people. I'm done with the drama and trouble. I want a stress-free life.


I live in the moment, and I reflect later.


I'm an honourable human being. I know what to do and what not to do, and if I'm wrong, I always apologise. I'm a big enough man to do that.


Whatever you think of his music, it's safe to say that Action Bronson is an inspirational human being. Looking at his story so far, it just goes to show that following your dreams can pay off, persistence is everything - and it's never too late to change career. For another hot slice of Money Matters, check out the tale of the one and only JK Rowling.

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