Money Matters: The Unrivalled Vision of Leonardo Del Vecchio

Many people won't be immediately familiar with the name Leonardo Del Vecchio, but they will with Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Born in Milan in 1935, Leonardo was given away by his mother as a baby as she simply couldn't afford to feed him, and spent his early life in an orphanage. Unfortunately, this difficult situation arose because Leonardo's father passed away just five months before he was born.

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As a young man, Leonardo's incredible work ethic shone through, and he worked his fingers to the bone as a dye tool maker before deciding to utilize those skills to make spectacle parts. After moving to Agordo in Italy, Leonardo founded his very own spectacle brand known as Luxottica.

Through sheer hard work, skill, and an undying passion for premium eyewear, Leonardo drove Luxottica forward with force and used his unique brand of knowledge to gain a foothold in the market. Leonardo's brand grew by leaps and bounds and he gradually started building an empire that would lead the world in the field of luxury spectacle manufacturing.

As his empire grew, so did Leonardo's vision and he began forging fruitful partnerships with the likes of Armani to expand his reach and diversify his range. Not long after, Leonardo began to publicly trade his company in the NYSE, and by 1990, Luxottica was listed.

Eventually, Leonardo became an international spectacle icon and as a result of his power, wealth, and positive influence, he acquired Ray-Ban, The Sunglasses Hut, and most recently Oakley.

Next time you put on your shades just think: it's probably one of Leonardo Del Vecchio's creations - and it all started in an orphanage.

Famous Leonardo Del Vecchio Quotes

I don't like paying taxes, but I like sleeping at night.


I am proof that you can you make money in Italy and be honest.


The values of life are most important.


We hope this has offered you the inspiration you need to keep working toward your dreams, and for more amazing rags to riches tales, read about Jim Carrey's rise to fame.


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