Jeff Bezos

The Power of Jeff Bezos (VIDEO)

"The balance of power is shifting toward consumers and away from companies. The right way to respond to this if you are a company is to put the vast majority of your energy, attention and dollars into building a great product or service and put a smaller amount into shouting about it, marketing it." -Jeff Bezos

As founder of one of the (if not the) most colossal e-commerce empires of all time, Jeff Bezos is without a doubt, a pioneer of our time.

With ambition, drive, vision and the ability to remain agile in an ever-evolving digital landscape, Mr Bezos is a real success.

If you're a budding entrepreneur and need the inspiration and advice, you need to become a success of Jeff Bezos proportions, you need to watch this interview with the man himself...

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Some amazing insights there from Mister Bezos. Now you're all fired up: get up, get out there and make it happen, today - time is of the essence.

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