Robocalls and Phone-Based Scams are on the Rise

According to a recent survey from First Orion, around 95% of people say they had received a call from a telemarketer in the past six months - a rise from 84% in 2015.

So, recently, if you reckon you've been receiving more phone calls that kick off with an automatic recording like, you've been specially selected for this offer or a robot masquerading themselves as an IRS agent attempting to collect back taxes - you're absolutely right, you have.

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Despite some of these calls being legitimate, there's been a 13% increase in phone scams, with 69% of respondents confirming they've been on the receiving end of at least one hoax call over the past six months. One in eight people said they got over 20 different scam calls in that same period - a massive four times as many people who reported that volume of scam calls in 2015, according to First Orion.

So, why are we talking about scam calls? Well, because, we care about you - the young financial go-getter - and we want to make sure you stay protected.

Run of the mill robocalls are irritating, but these hoaxers can also be dangerous. Fraudsters posing as IRS agents have bag themselves $54 million from unsuspecting victims since October 2013, according to reports from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

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The best way to protect yourself from these kinds of finance shattering scams is by being alert. If you get any calls or SMS messages from people offering you prizes or cash bonuses in exchange for personal information or you're contacted by someone claiming to be the IRS or a debt collector, just hang up. If you smell a rat, chances are it is a rat.

Another effective way to protect yourself from mobile phone scams is by downloading a call blocker app that will immediately identify any correspondence from untrustworthy sources and block them from connecting with you.

Should I Pick Up? is a great free app and if you're willing to pay, TrapCall and Truecaller are both solid options for both iPhone and Andriod.

The bottom line is, never give out any personal or private information unless you're 100% sure you know the person you're speaking to is legitimate - for transactions of this kind, always carry them out face to face if you can.

We hope this information has proved helpful and for more financial news, check out what the founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, is investing $100,000 on.

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