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The Admirable Attributes of a Great Employee [Infographic]

Finding the right fit for your team, department or business can prove a little tricky. After all, how do you make a definitive decision on someone you've only met a handful of times?

Of course, demonstratable skills, credentials and references are all an enormous source of help, but committing to a candidate you think will enhance your business is still sometimes easier said than done.

But, by spotting certain attributes early on, you stand a greater chance of recruiting someone who will help you achieve your vision, remain productive and be a loyal part of the team.

If you're heading up a big team and it's recruitment time or you're setting up the next big startup and you're trying to get a dream squad together, this infographic from OfficeVibe will assist you with your final decisions...

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how to choose the right employee

Does the person you're interviewing have most or even all of these qualities? Then perhaps you're onto a winner. For more startup advice, check out our top tips on funding your idea and making it a reality.

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