The Cost of Ambition

What is the cost of ambition? It's not something tangible that you can buy in a shop, with packaging, and a price tag; you can't bag it up or bottle it.

So what does it cost to be ambitious?

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Someone once famously said, "I have got a dream that’s worth more than my sleep." That means early mornings, late nights, missed meals, a lack or breaks, and more often than not, the sacrifice of a social life. But if you have a vision, it's hard to prize yourself away from it for even a few days. Fundamentally, ambition costs you time.

Touching on the social life thing - often ambition will gain you a large number of associates and a smaller proportion of friends.

As you strive towards your goals, you will meet a lot of people centred around your venture and have less time for hanging out with old friends. But, although ambition can strip down friendships, those that really care will stick around. When you can, make time to branch out to those people - they will become a breath of fresh air when you're drowning in a sea of work contacts. So, ambition can cost you friends - but not the real ones.

The road to the top is paved with misunderstandings. Many people won't get where you're coming from, others won't understand your lifestyle, and others will refuse to believe in your dream - it doesn't mean you should doubt yourself.

When you try to achieve something out of the ordinary, people will take it upon themselves to become critics, but let these criticisms serve as a reminder that you're working towards something special. Keep the faith and keep on keeping on. Ambition will cost you your ability to be understood, perhaps only until you achieve your goal. Don't let that deter you.

This stream of consciousness from Tumblr user Sweet Monster provides an interesting personal insight into the cost of ambition:

Late nights, early mornings.
Lots of associates, very few friends.
You will be misunderstood.
You will be single unless you are lucky enough to find someone who understands your lifestyle.
People will want you to do good but never better than them...and for those reasons, you will do many things alone.

The ambitious out there wading through the tough times to get to where they know they belong: we salute you. Need a little inspiration? Check out these quotes on inspiration.

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