This is How You Do Christmas Marketing, Gift-Giving Style

In the world of commerce, Christmas (or the lead up to) is known as the golden quarter as it presents the most opportunity to make an incredible amount of profit and spread brand awareness like Santa spreads festive cheer.

If you're a business looking to make an impact around Christmas, the best way to do so is by launching a marketing campaign that not only connects with your target audience but does a little good in the process.

That said, this genius Christmas campaign from WestJet is a classic example of seasonal marketing at its finest. Rather than tell you about it, we'll let you discover the magic for yourself...

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This is inspirational, clever and totally hits the mark. If you're looking to launch a seasonal campaign that makes a real impact, be sure to use this as inspiration.

As much as it's about making money, Christmas is a time for saving money. And to help you do just that here's another handy video to help you on your way.

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