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Travel Your Way to a Successful Life

It's not a proven fact, but many successful entrepreneurs say that they owe a great deal of their success to traveling.

Many see loading up a backpack and hitting the road as a gap year thing, but, while high school graduation rates are at an all-time high, the amount of American youngsters enrolling in college has dropped.

Of course, education is extremely important, not to mention valuable, but going to college alone won't necessarily provide the success you need to make your entrepreneurial mark on the world.

From learning how to communicate in new ways to experiencing new cultures, the process of traveling is believed to have significant effects on more than just your personal life.

According to recent studies from Brightspark Travel, 94% of business leaders in the US believe travel experience directly results in a competitive advantage in the workplace. And that's the word of experts.

You get to experience places and chat with people you would usually get to; you learn to stand on your own two feet and follow your instincts; you understand how to communicate with people far different from yourself, and above all else, you take away life lessons and memories that will last a lifetime. These are things you can't do to their fullest extent in a classroom or behind a desk

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Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. - Anita Desai

Experienced world travelers and seasoned nomads who attribute a good portion of their success to roaming the globe say that the entrepreneurial benefits of travel are as follows:

  • Teamworking skills: According to Roho Ya Chii, "New experiences in foreign environments allow people to grow in ways they never thought possible.”
  • Cultural awareness: In today's internet-driven marketplace, it's never been easier to do business, or collaborate with people from all over the sphere, so it pays to have the strong cultural awareness that traveling can provide.
  • Time Management: At its core, traveling has a lot to do with time management, from making schedules to getting on the right flight at the right time. This is priceless training for when you're managing your daily business matters.
  • Networking: Traveling pushes you out of your comfort zone in every way and forces you to communicate with people on a near daily basis. Practically speaking, travel is a great way to network with people that could add potential value to your business.

Whether you venture nearby or to a land far, far away, traveling offers benefits and experiences that simply can't be taught on a computer or by a lecturer - and it's fun too. If you decide to hit the road, Tweet us your pics, or leave us a comment below.

Oh, and if you're thinking of going traveling and need to save cash fast, maybe this will help you understand what not to do.

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