Which Country is the Most Productive?

We live in a fast-paced digital world which means these days, the way in which we communicate, collaborate, create, collect information, and work is ever-evolving.

One of the big questions on people's lips often seems to be: which country is the most productive? Of course, different sectors produce different results, but what we're talking about is overall productivity.

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Well, while the Danes seem to hold the key to the perfect work-life balance, it seems that according to expert market research, the most productive country on the planet is...Luxembourg. Yes, while you may not have guessed it, this country with an average annual turnover of £45 million (around $56 million) is world's most productive nation by a country mile. So how does this tiny European state do it? It seems that the country's strength in the financial and industrial sector, coupled with a well-balanced economy, little need for public infrastructure (as the country is so small), and a strong emphasis on employee engagement certainly helps.

It's quite incredible that such a small area creates such a colossal output but it just goes to show that when it comes to wealth, prosperity, and productivity - size isn't everything.

Here are three more things you probably didn't know about Luxembourg...

1. Nearly 40 percent of the population of Luxembourg are immigrants. 15 percent of locals are of Portuguese origin.

2. Luxembourg has three official languages: French, German and Luxemburgish (or Luxembourgeois). Only around 346,000 people worldwide speak Luxembourgish.

3. When presenting someone with flowers in Luxembourg it is customary to give an odd number, but not 13.

So, when it comes to productivity in the workplace we could all take a leaf out of Luxembourg's book. Food for thought. Help yourself stay productive by eating these brain foods.

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