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The Young Person's Guide to Surviving Your First Business Trip

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision." - Peter F Drucker

If you've got yourself a shiny new job role with more responsibility or you've taken your business to the next stage of its development - good for you.

Now, we guess it's time for that first business trip.

The working vacation as some call it (rather naively) can make or break a career or commercial venture, so survival is a must.

To help you get through your first business trip and maybe even make it a success rather than a pant-wetting disaster, here's our quickfire young person's survival guide...

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Set an out-of-office alert

Glaringly obvious? Perhaps even patronising? That may be so, but it needs to be mentioned nonetheless as so many people overlook this simple act.

By setting up an autoreply email, so colleagues and clients are aware that you’ll be out of town, you'll be able to manage expectations, as well as your inbox from the get-go and avoid any unnecessary stress while you're on the road.

How you feel in transit can set the whole tone of your trip and the meetings you'll attend, so make sure you set your out-of-office and get everything off to a solid start.

Learn how to pack light

Make sure you learn how to pack the essentials only and invest in a compact cabin bag that not only accommodates all your belongings, but has ample compartments for your tech goods, travel documents, toiletries, and anything else that might otherwise get lost in an abyss of clothing.

First, put all of your absolute essentials in your bag and pack everything flat, rolling your clothes up into a sausage-like shape to create more space and visibility.

Also, if you're travelling by plane, always check your baggage allowance before setting off.

Don't get wasted

That first business trip is exciting, especially when you're jetting off somewhere new. Although there's nothing wrong with having a tipple or two to relax, make sure you don't overdo it - otherwise, you'll be tired, sluggish and out of whack when it comes time to meet your clients at the other end. Being half asleep and smelling of booze is sure to land you in hot water - so give yourself a personal alcohol limit before leaving.

Also, eating well will optimise your performance. Try these brain foods and you'll be firing on all cylinders comes game time.

Balance your prep and chill time

Using your time wisely when in transit is one of the key ingredients to a successful business trip - but don't burn yourself out now.

When you're idle and travelling to your desired destination, you should use your downtime to plan a schedule for your trip - try these organisational apps on for size - and carry out any important revision for your meeting. But, you should also take the time to relax your mind and body by having a snooze, watching a show on Netflix or reading a book.

Business Trip

That way, you'll be relaxed, rested, prepared - and firing on all cylinders.

Need help managing things? Try our Pockets of Time trick.

Enjoy yourself

You're embarking on your first business trip because you're good at what you do, so be confident and enjoy the process. You might hit a few stumbling blocks along the way, but they'll prove to be valuable life lessons in the long run. Plus, by taking our top tips on board, there's no doubt you'll survive. Good luck.

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